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Analysis of Scarlatti Sonata in C

What better remedy for a memory lapse than learning a little Scarlatti sonata? Scarlatti wrote an astonishing 555 keyboard sonatas over the course of his life (1685-1757). Although hugely diverse in character, they have an energy and rhythmic vitality that … Continue reading

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Visualisation in memorisation

After my less than auspicious performance a few weeks’ ago, I started thinking about how I could have diagnosed the problem¬† and prevented the memory lapse before it occurred. Coincidentally, while I was pondering this, the fabulous Cross-Eyed Pianist penned … Continue reading

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Letting things slip…

It’s been a while since I blogged about music. And a while since I thought actively about memorising. So perhaps it’s no surprise that I suffered an epic memory collapse over the weekend! Time to start blogging again… and what … Continue reading

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By Heart (book review)

Earlier this year, I received a copy of “By Heart: the Art of Memorising Music” by harpsichordist and blogger Paul Cienniwa.¬†Published in 2014, this little gem is exactly the kind of book I had been searching for when I started … Continue reading

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Respecting the music

An interesting article over on the Cross-Eyed Pianist blog (sparked by a heated debate amongst some fellow pianists on Facebook!) has got me thinking about whether certain repertoire should be off-limits to amateurs? Are there pieces that are simply too … Continue reading

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No one can take it away

The “Lady in Number 6” is a short but truly inspirational film about 109-year old Alice Hertz-Sommer, a concert pianist and the oldest holocaust survivor until her death earlier this year. After a remarkable and long life, this irrepressible lady … Continue reading

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Fabulous Folk

I have just spent a merry few days at the fabulous Cambridge Folk Festival. Although I don’t personally play any folk music, or traditional folk instruments, I love the melodies, wonderful rhythms and a good dance! There was some amazing … Continue reading

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